About Us

Ariza Is Here!

Who Is Ariza?

Ariza is for those who are looking to build their ultimate rest nest.  We see your home as a place to spark joy and create a restful environment.

We are for the runners, the thinkers, the parent, the busy professionals, for those who just want to dive into their sofas, beds or in the bath and say "ah, finally".

We pride ourselves in curating the best collection of bed, bath, and living products to create a unique sense of joy within the home, while still offering basics so that you can get the exact feeling you want out of your home.

We believe that sleep is the most important part of your day.

This is why we really want you well-rested! Being rested and getting sleep helps you lower your stress levels and ensure that you are ready to take on the day, everyday! We are ready to help you build your Home into your Sleep Headquarters!  


Because we care

You matter, therefore the products that we give you matter.

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